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Router Config Management System

There is a dearth of router config management systems available in the OSS world. Those that do exist tend to be monitoring systems that also do router configuration management as an afterthought.

DRCMS will allow Configuration Management of Cisco Routers, initially supporting router IOS 12.0+. The target platform is Linux, but this may be extended to include other Unices at a later date (Solaris is the next planned candidate). As demand dictates, other router platforms or Cisco IOS versions prior to 12.0 may be supported.

Planned features of the project are:

Protocols / File format details:


Using DRCMS will require the following services (which are not included in the distribution):

The project will utilise the following languages:

Testers Needed!

Current hurdles are lack of equipment to test on. Testers are wanted! We need testers with access to various Cisco routers - if you would like a Configuration Management tool for your router, volunteer as a tester.